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4D3dPuzzles STORY in Images

4D3dPuzzles STORY Blog

The unfolding of HyperCubes in the 4D Space to the 3d Space
is simulated by 3d-Puzzles

The Photos & Images
 below are an illustration of some key steps
of the design and development process: 
From an Idea to an Invention
to Products & Services. 

First 3d-Puzzle prototype
made of 8 wood cubes and 7 duct-tape articulations.
The cube in red represents the Cornerstone.
Solution of the first 3d-Puzzle prototype
showing the red cube at the center of the 3D-Cross.
Second 3d-Puzzle prototype made of glass
and transparent tape.
Solution of the glass prototype as a 3d-Cross.
3d-Puzzle made of small cheese cubes !!!!!
This was a temporary solution.
Inventor working on a paper prototype
to prepare the CAD drawing of the 3d-Puzzle.
First page of the US Patent text. 
First page of US Patent drawings
First CAD drawing of the 3d-Puzzle
made of 8 cubes.
First attempt at 3d-printing of single cubes
from the CAD drawings.
3d-Puzzle made of 8 cubes articulated by metal pins.
Metal pin articulations.
CAD drawing of a plastic pin-hinge articulation
in one piece made by 3d-printing.
Prototype of a plastic pin-hinge articulation
made in one piece by 3d-rinting.
2 Cubes articulated by a pin-hinge.
The 2 Cubes are one plastic piece made by 3d-printing.
Various models of the 3d-Puzzle working prototypes:
wood, glass, paper, 3d-printed plastic.
Various models of the 3d-Puzzle prototypes made of 3d-printed plastic.
CAD drawing of the production 3d-printed 3d-Puzzle.

3d-printed 3d-Puzzle
made in 1 piece
Production 3d-Puzzle made by 3d-printing
in one piece in blue plastic.
To PURCHASE click the image
Manipulating the 3d-Puzzle.
Solution of the Production 3d-Puzzle
made in blue plastic
by 3D Printing in one piece.

Building a BIG 3d-Puzzle

for presentations to groups of people
Cubes made of Cardboard Boxes 
Glue and Paint
Big 3d-Puzzle
Cornerstone in red
Big 3d-Puzzle
Cornerstone in red
Big 3d-Puzzle
Cornerstone in red
Solution of the 3d-Puzzle:  3d-Cross
Solution of the 3d-Puzzle:  3d-Cross

Next, Prototypes of the 16 Cube 3d-Puzzles
were designed and made.

The are made by joining by an articulation-hinge two 8 Cube 3d-Puzzles.

One of the Solution is a 3d-Cross on a 6 Cube Stand
Another Solution is two joined 3d-Crosses 
Another Solution is two joined 3d-Crosses at an angle
3d-Puzzle 3D Printed in one piece

4D3d Puzzles Game Apps
4D3d App. Sci-fi Theme.
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Categories of 4D3d Puzzles
Posting the Best Scores
Solving a 4D3d Puzzles.
Categories of Fluo 3d Puzzles.

Digital Book
Welcome to unfold4D3d
Book Cover
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tesserART made by 3d-printing