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A Debate of the Age..............

We thought that we would have our first blog post to focus on what we consider one of the debates of the age: Can science prove the existence of God?

The past couple of weeks you have probably heard on the news about the book The Grand Design, written by renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist and mathematician Stephen Hawking.

From reports about the book he basically says that one does not need the concept of God to explain science. Hawking never once in his book claims without a doubt that there is no God. And he never gives anyone reason to doubt the existence of God. Nor does he make any claim that would belittle anyone's belief in any God of their choice. He simply explains how the universe could have come into being without God's help. He stated that the origin of everything could be explained by the law of gravity being in existence. However the misunderstanding of what he was apparently trying to say has also revealed the age old debate of faith vs. science.

Throughout history you have seen where in some scientific circles the idea of an outside force having anything to do with the physical world is ludicrous. On the other hand you have also seen religious leaders persecute scientists for discovering things that nowadays are accepted scientific knowledge.

We believe there are people that love science that have no angst against the idea of a God or anything religious. They are just trying to figure out what is going on with the world we live in through the eyes of science. Some scientists that believe in a God may actually try and see if science will ever prove the existence of God.

Since the beginning of the 20th century through research it has been discovered that scientific knowledge doubles approximately every five years. Will this increase in scientific knowledge eventually prove the existence of God?

What do you think?