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Who Should We Submit To?

I'm sure you are very aware of the events taking place recently in several Middle Eastern countries where the people have protested against horrific totalitarian governments. The people decided they were tired of living in a way where they do not feel human. Many have died as those in government in some cases have turned on their own people to keep their power over them.

As a Christian I truly believe that humans were created to be free to live life with a purpose and plan. There is a place for structure and law in groups of people or nations to keep order and peace and prevent anarchy and violence. However when those authorities use that power to enslave their people for their own benefits, that causes many problems for those that are under that leadership.

Other countries over the centuries revolted against their government in similar situations regarding race, tribes and classes of people. It is in the nature of all people to be free and have the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The recent events in the Middle East have touched me deeply as I'm sure it has all people regardless of political or religious traditions. The value of being free is precious to every living soul on earth. To think that some would feel that the actions of these people would be considered wrong on religious terms is appalling to me. Unfortunately there are some that feel that God is against these people.

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