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4D3dPuzzles and HyperCube of Love Projects

The 4D3dPuzzles Team has completed the initial phase of the 4D3dPuzzles Project.  The foundation of the project is a 3d-Puzzle simulating the unfolding of the Hypercube from the 4-dimensional space to our 3-dimensional space.  This is very intriguing, but easy to understand with little geometry knowledge.

Elements and products of the project are found on the 4D3dPuzzles Website (http://4d3dpuzzles.com): 3d-Puzzle, Puzzle Game Apps for  Computers & Mobile Devices (The Apps render the 3d-Puzzle on the screen),  Digital Books (Moving Between 1D, 2D, 3D & 4D Spaces, Unfolding Geometry Objects, Idea & Concept of the 3d-Puzzle, Benefits of the 4D3dPuzzles Products & Services, Euclidian & Non-Euclidian Geometry, etc) and tesserART (Sculptures, Desk-Sets & Jewelry manufactured by advanced 3d-printing in the Factory of the Future).  Short Videos have been included to provide detailed explanations.

Now the 4D3dPuzzles Team need your HELP. It desires to increase its cashflow for the next project phase: Production of advertising and marketing content, new puzzles in different sizes and material and localization in French.  It plans to implement a two-prong approach:  to reach more people with its products and to contact professionals that are involved in therapies that can benefit from using the 3d-Puzzles.

How can you help?  Simply by purchasing products from the Website STORE (http://4d3dpuzzles.com/store) and sharing this information with your friends and on Social Media. Prices start as low as $6 for Game Apps & Products.

4D3dPuzzles has a related 3d-Puzzle project - HyperCube of Love - that wants to reach Christians.  More details are available on the HyperCube of Love Website (http://hypercubeoflove.com).

To be regularly informed about the projects click on the Websites “Mailing List Sign-up for a free gift”.

Thank you for your support.

Bernard & Pamela Cook Dreyer

The 4D3dPuzzles Team

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