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Judgment of God to the Nations?

By Pam

How can God punish an entire nation when the Bible clearly says that each person will pay for their own sins? Also in the Old Testament it says that God would not judge people again by flooding. How can what happen in New York City be judgement from God when it goes against His word? If Jesus bore the wrath of all sin, how can nations bear it at the same time? There is no such thing as an entity like a nation when it comes to salvation, sin and the like. People sin and reap for their own sins individually, not a nation, after Christ died. Col 3:5-6 is NOT dealing with a nation but individuals. This is talking about what each person will have happen. The entire population of the USA is not in sin or agrees with the direction that the country is going. Both sides of the aisle bring up righteous points even though a good number only mention a few things when it comes to so-called judgment. I also find it interesting that depending on the political leanings both sides will call judgment for the US because of decisions they do not agree with.

I will say this again. There is nothing in the Bible that says that Christ died for nations. He died for people. A nation is the sum total of its people, not an entity unto itself that can be saved or lost. I also refuse to reap anything that the leaders of the US do. Whatever they decide will be on them. Jesus has my back. My trust is in Him and Him alone. He will never fail me nor make me reap for the sins of other people. I trust those scriptures in the Bible. I grew up thinking that I would pay for what others in my family line did because of generational curses. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. My lineage changed the day I became born again. Scriptures states this throughout the New Testament. This is why I cannot accept nations being judged for the sins of a few.

We have friends in New York City that had nothing to do with the decisions on Wall Street or anything else. They are born again Christians that are spirit filled and love the Lord and are walking out what they know in Him. I just wonder if people that are so quick to scream judgment about the US regarding what is happening in New York City would do so if they had loved ones that they cared about living there.

Again unless someone can give me scripture stating that God is judging entire nations because of the sins of a few AFTER Jesus paid the price for all sin through such a brutal sacrifice I will change my mind.  If this was really true you would not see many nations that still exit today.  Most of Western Europe would be wiped off of the map as of the writing of this post.

I do accept that wrong decisions will always produce wrong results. There have been plenty of wrong choices made by our politicians on both sides of the aisle and those in the financial world that have caused horrible problems THAT GOD HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH, mainly motivated by the love of money, power and prestige. Until these motivations are rooted out of the hearts of those that lead AND THOSE THAT FINANCE THEM we will continue to see this madness in the US and in every other country.

THE ONLY THING THAT WILL CHANGE THIS IS THE GOSPEL. If God supposedly kills people that Jesus paid the price for because of the decisions of misguided or power hungry leaders THEY WILL NOT HEAR THE GOSPEL. This makes no biblical sense to me.

I will not mention the madness of a good number of the TV preachers and their damnable doctrines. AT THE SAME TIME the entire body of Christ will not reap what they do. We have the Holy Spirit that teaches us what is right and wrong doctrine according to 1 John and the Book of John. We do not have to be sucked into what is happening IN SOME CIRCLES of the body of Christ. Be careful when you generalize about the body of Christ. What you see on ‘Christian’ TV, read in Christian publications or see/listen to in other media is not the sum total of the body of Christ. THANK GOD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT. He is the perfect teacher.

Bernard two cents words: If the Sandy Super-storm of 2012 is, as many say, a Judgement of God, please do not help with relief operations, do not distribute food and clothes, keep your money, etc. Otherwise you will impede the judgement of God. How foolish is that !

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