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About Food Stamps

By Pamela Cook Dreyer

Many professional people have found themselves out of work and needing help. Many of them probably have mortgage payments that they could afford when they were working. Once that is gone they may need assistance since all their monies are going to the mortgage so they will not be on the street. These are the people that may be getting food stamps that look prosperous. The clothes may be many years old. 

In many areas of the country selling the home to downsize will take more than a miracle to do. The face of those applying for food stamps, while swallowing their pride, has indeed changed. Those that arrogantly point the finger at people with food stamps that do not look like people on the street that have not bathed in six months I completely dismiss as hard hearted pride filled people that need the love of God to manifest in their hearts. I know my first though is that they had a good job and lost it somehow. In many cases their jobs went overseas never to come back.

Even if someone have never gotten assistance from the government (REMEMBER THE MONIES PAID FROM THE GOVERNMENT ARE OURS) someone has helped EVERYONE on the face of the earth. How dare does ANYONE think that they need no one to help them at some point in their lives.

This is a hot button issue to me. Being in need of food is not as easy to define as in other times in history. We are no longer in competition for jobs with other people in this country. Many professionals are competing with the world in this global economy.  I would hate to be in the shoes of those that have no compassion at all and harshly judge all people in need if they find themselves in a situation where they cannot fix it.

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