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God has granted us the freedom
to become everything we can become.

The Bible addresses economics and stewardship and clearly states that individual enterprise in the spirit of proper stewardship should be the basis of an economic system.

Do you work to bring honor and glory to the Lord? Do not give Him less than your very best.  This is how you avoid the love of money. You love the opportunity and you love the privilege. As  Christians we can say the Bible supports free enterprise and its principles. It doesn’t promote laziness. It doesn’t exalt people who lack integrity.

As Christians, our work for the Lord is not confined purely to the church but rather to everything we do, from a stay at home mom to a doctor to a brick layer—to any vocation.

Arthur Brooks said: "Earned success is the belief that you have created value in your life and in the lives of others through hard work and merit. Research indicates people who believe they have earned their success will empirically be happier than those who believe they haven’t. They will lead more productive, more fulfilled lives. As a result, society will benefit."

Dr. Arthur Brooks has led the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) since January 2009. He is the author of numerous books.

5-Minute VIDEO from Christianity, Values and American Public Policy on EARNED SUCCESS: click HERE (it will open on a separate Window)

The AUDIO below is an one-hour very important message from Dr. Arthur Brooks that addresses HAPPINESS in the context of EARNED SUCCESS and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

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